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Why We Exist

ChristianQuotes.info exists to bring inspiration into Christian’s everyday lives, make them think about a Biblical topic in a new way, and help you easily share the Gospel with friends. We want to make sharing Biblical thoughts not only easy but also in a way that makes Christians proud to share them.  We add a new quote daily (although we take Sundays off sometimes) and combine it with an image that makes the quote more appealing and attention grabbing, to make it perfect for sharing.  The images designed by ChristianQuotes.info look great on Facebook walls, Pinterest boards, and everywhere.

The Beauty of Christian Quotes

The quotes we use are not new thoughts, because they all originate from teachings in the Bible. But the great part about these quotes is that these authors are able to make you think about this in a different way than maybe never before. You may have heard a specific Biblical teaching 100 times in your life, but when you hear it said in a different way, maybe that time something new “clicks” with you and you understand it in a whole new way. That’s the Beauty!

Spreading Inspiration

Our fans on Facebook are amazing! Because of their likes, shares, and comments, we are now reaching over 1 million people per week with our images. And even better than that, we are hearing stories from people who saw the quote at just the right time and it helped them thru a difficult situation.

“Timely post because I needed this reminder.” – A. Rorstom

“Awesome. Thank u I needed that reminder.” – T. Keller

Share, Share, Share!

Use the images to spread inspiration to your Christian friends and family. Or use them to share your faith with unbelievers in your life. They may pique interest from your unbeliever friends and family that may not hear the Gospel message from anywhere else.  Not all quotes are necessarily read as a ‘Christian quote’ (for example: “Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different…” C.S. Lewis).  But all the quotes are spoken from famous Christians who share the same Christian values.  So it is a perfect way to even start a conversation with an unbeliever about the meaning of a specific quote, as well as the author attributed to that quote.

We will continue to add to our quotes database every day.  So keep coming back to see what is new at ChristianQuotes.info.  We will continue to make the designs modern and relevant for today.  So share, share, share!

Contact Us

If you have a quote that you like that is not found here at ChristianQuotes.info, use our contact form here, to send us your request.  We will try to get each one, but priority is given to quotes that are sent with an author name and source of where it came from. Or just let us know what you think about ChristianQuotes.info

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